« SillySquad » project (provisional name)


A party brawler in which you have to feed your queen with your foes’ bodies.

You play silly creatures whose purpose is to feed their queen with the unconscious bodies of the opposing tribe. Throw your enemies’ bodies to your allies or protect your friends if they are knocked out.

To do this, the two tribes will have at their disposal a wide range of items and small creatures they can use as weapons to knock out their opponents long enough to offer them as a meal to their beloved queen. The first satisfied queen will ensure the victory of her people.

Team spirit is a key element in defending your tribe’s colors. Protect a KO ally and pass with an enemies’ bodies so they can be eaten faster !

Challenge your friends on couch or online game in this party brawler that will put your friendship to the test !

Features :

– Party brawler up to 8 players (local and online)

– Feed your queen with your foes’ bodies to score.

– KO bodies are like a ball, throw them to make passes.

– More than 20 different weapons to help you defeat your opponents.

– 10 random events that will bring chaos onto the arena.

SillySquad is still on production. You can check our blog to learn more about the game. Further informations to come during the next months on social networks !