4 Welcome to Voxweaver

Voxweaver is a young video game studio founded by four friends and a dog who want to create their own silly games.

Voxweaver was founded by Guillaume, Amandine, Alexandre and Claire, four friends who met during college. For 4 years, they used to work together on several student and professional projects. That’s why, in 2017, after being separated for a while, they decided to create their own video game studio to express their personal universe. Their aim is to make games they would like to play together and enable each of them to share their own creative worlds. Nowadays, the studio is about to launch their first project.

1 The Team

 ic_roadi_01Alexandre ANTUNES – Co-founder

 ic_evo_01gClaire BAUDOT – Co-founder

 ic_num_01Guillaume CAMPION – Co-founder

 ic_demi_01aAmandine « Demi » VINCENT – Co-founder

ic_david_01b David GÖDICKE – Developer

ic_romain_01 Romain SCHREIBER – Developer

ic_francois_01b François LÉVÊQUE – Developer

ic_cookie_01Cookie – Community Socks Manager

With the participation of :

Francisco CERDA – Music composer – Portfolio

Gabriel DALMASSO – Sound designer – Portfolio

Sébastien MAIRE